OSM minutes of 2015 – SHOWREEL.

Can you imagine to see all of your adventures through the eyes of the beholder? We can make it possible.
We are there when you see the world for the first time.
When you begin making plans with your friends and overcoming obstacles.
We are with you. Always. Everywhere.
Even when you’re dreaming to fly.
Working toward your goals, we’re sparing no effort.
We share your favourite moments.
We immortalise your happenings.
We are there when you fall madly in love.
And when you say ‘I do’.
We stand in awe when you build the house of your dreams.
When you prepare your favourite dish… and give in to temptation.
We would be sorry to miss your creative workshop.
Let alone overlook your works of art.
We go with you discovering new places. And leaping into the unknown.
It is an honour to share this journey with you.
We are proud to enjoy these OSM minutes together.
And when your world is upside down, we turn it around and make sure that you remember it just the way you want it to be.

with the first video Rise. we have started a new challenge OSM minutes of 2015. there is a world waiting to be part of it so every week we will show you a minute of it’s life. 53 videos is a tough mission, but one of the most OSM. we’re going to observe, to inspire, to explore, to create, to do something OSM!

OSM minutes of 2015 – SHOWREEL. is the #53 and the last video of OSM minutes of 2015 project.

This is a Non-Commercial, independently produced project.


Directed by: Tina Lagler & Blaž Miklič
Screenplay: Tina Lagler
Camera: Blaž Miklič & Tina Lagler
Additional footage: Blaž Miklič & Tina Lagler
Actress: Daša Mavrič
Actor: Jaka Kuzmanič
Editor: Tina Lagler
Colorist: Blaž Miklič
Translator: Alenka Ropret
Sound Design: Tina Lagler & Blaž Miklič
Production: OSM films